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Club Background

Our constitution and bylaws

NASTY DOGGS Motorcycle Club Constitution & Bylaws


Article 1: This club shall be known as NASTY DOGGS

Article 2: Active members shall be riders of motorcycles. Only active members shall be entitled to a vote in club affairs to win any prizes in club activities.

Article 3: The officers of the club shall be a President, Vice President, Chief Legislative Officer, and Treasurer. These officers shall constitute the executive board.

Article 4: The duties of the President shall be:

1. To preside at all meetings of the club.

2. To have general supervision of the affairs of the club.

3. To appoint any person or committee not otherwise ordered by the club.

4. To personally represent the club on proper occasions and in business contacts.

5. To assist all other officers of the club in their records, correspondence and other duties.

6. To promote interest on the part of each member in club life and Activities.

7. To vote only when necessary to break a tie.

  1. To have the sole authority to deem any voting matter brought to the Attention of the Board of Directors and/or the members during a regular scheduled meeting.

Article 5: The duties of the Vice President shall be:

1. To perform the duties of the president in his/her absence.

  1. Responsible for contacting all club members via e-mail and/or by telephone to notify members of a special meeting of the executive board.

    Article 6: The duties of the Chief Legislative officer shall be:

    1. To monitor local and state legislative activities affecting motorcycling.

    2. To send out notices of regular or special meetings.

    3. To handle all club correspondence.

  2. To perform such other duties as generally fall to that office.

Article 7: The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

1. To collect dues from all members.

2. To collect all other money due the club.

3. To maintain club financial records and deliver reports on a timely basis.

4. Maintain the club phone/mailing list.

5. Maintain and update the member status as directed by the executive board.

Article 8: The regular meetings of the club shall be called by phone or via e-mail at minimum 2 days in advance.

Article 9: A majority may amend the constitution or By Laws by vote of active members present at a club meeting. If a member is not present, the amendment(s) will be sent via e-mail and/or telephone. A new vote combined with proxy votes will then determine if the amendment(s) is allowed.


Section 1: NASTY DOGGS RULES of Order shall govern the parliamentary proceedings of this club unless otherwise provided by these bylaws. The order of business shall be:

1. Roll call

2. Reading of minutes of previous meeting

3. Report of officers

4. Unfinished business

5. New business

Section 2: Standing committees shall be the Competition Committee and Activities Committee each made up of up to three active members. The Competition Committee shall have general charge of all competitive meets. The Activities Committee shall have charge of social functions, subject to such orders as the club may give. Other committees may be appointed as necessary by the president.

Section 3: All bills must be reviewed and approved by the executive board before they are paid. Both the treasurer and an additional officer should sign all checks.

Section 4: Definition(s):

Member In Good Standing;

a. Must be a member, voted in.

Active Member;

a. A member "In Good Standing"

Club Event;

a. Regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

b. Official (Organized) club ride (i.e. Don Ivan ride).

c. Annual event (i.e. Phantom scrambles)



Section 5: Expulsion:

A member may be expelled for good reason(s) (Examples include but are not limited to: Conduct unbecoming, violation(s) of the Code of Conduct / Etiquette, endangering the life and/or limb of others, delinquent on dues or payment owed to the club, criminal activities, dishonest, disgraceful or immoral conduct, or other conduct prejudicial to the NASTDOGGS M.C.). Charges must first be made in writing and the accused member given a hearing before the executive board. The executive board shall take evidence and make a determination taking into consideration "Just Cause". The board will report its findings to the club with the recommendation that the charges be 1) Considered proven and the accused member are expelled, 2) The charges be considered not proven and the accused remain a member of the club 3) The charges are proven but do not rise to the level of expulsion, where as the executive board may recommend a lesser penalty including, but not limited to probation. If applicable, the executive board shall be specific in their recommendation(s) of remedy. The club shall then vote whether the recommendation of the executive board shall be adopted. Voting will be in accordance with Section 10. It shall require a two-thirds vote of the active members present and entitled to vote to veto the recommendation of the executive board.


Section 6: Only active members shall be eligible to hold office.


The executive board must approve all donations made to the club, or made in the name of the club.


Riders shall check gas, oil, tires and chains before leaving on a Club Run.

The road captain will ride in front on all formations and the assistant road captain will ride as rearguard.

The assistant road captain or the appointed rear guard will assist any rider who drops out of formation for mechanical problems or other similar reasons, and will take the name of any rider who wishes to drop out permanently and give it to the road captain.

At no time will any club member or guest of the club be abandoned on the highway due to unforeseen mechanical trouble or accident. The road captain or assistant road captain or appointed rear guard shall stop or return the entire formation to the scene of the handicapped rider when necessary.

The road captain shall have the authority to call a run off due to an accident or unforeseen circumstances at any point along the run.

In the event the road captain drops out of formation, the rider second in formation will immediately take over.




If an undue delay occurs before the road captain returns to the formation, the assistant road captain shall proceed to the head of the column into the road captain’s position. The last rider will then take over the rear guard position.

Speed shall not be above the legal or safe limit. The road captain will when necessary decrease the speed as road and traffic conditions warrant.

In the event of an accident or emergency any rider who believes the road captain has not observed such emergency, may break out of formation when safe to do so, proceed ahead of the road captain and stop the formation by using the proper hand signal.

Upon returning to the formation after having dropped out, a rider will take up a position at the rear of the formation. Do not under any circumstances run down a formation from the rear and try to crowd into the position you held previously.

Club formation will be staggered at all times unless the road captain calls by signal for a single file. Each rider will maintain an interval of at LEAST TWO SECONDS from the machine directly in front of him.

All signals will be executed with the LEFT arm or turn signal in accordance with the State Vehicle Code. The signal for single file will be left hand extended overhead.

Consideration will be given to all traffic hazards that will be created by large groups of riders on the highway.

Accordingly, if more than six (6) riders participate, the road captain may form additional groups of riders. The first rider in each group shall be the group road captain and shall maintain an interval of at least TWO BLOCKS between groups.


Section I. Objectives of Road Rules:

These Road Riding Rules are established to further the objectives of the NDMC as stated in the Constitution and Bylaws to stimulate the sport of motorcycling, to further social activities and to win the respect of the public by safe conduct upon the highway and elsewhere..

Section II. Rules Governing the Runs:

Any member of the club, at a regular meeting, may present a suggestion for a club run.

All club runs will be announced by the road captain at a regular meeting prior to the run. All overnight runs and those occurring on other than a Sunday must be announced one week or two meetings before the event. Prior to the runs, the road captain will advise the riders of the destination and of the stops in route.

Immediately upon arriving at the destination, the time and place for departure will be discussed and announced. Any member wishing to deviate from the scheduled time and place of departure will be awarded the riding points for that run, if the road captain or assistant road captain is notified IN PERSON.


Section IV. Club Dress:

Members may wear a vest with club colors, but it shall not be

mandatory for club membership. A dress uniform, style stipulated by members, may be worn when dress-judging events are called for.

The official club uniform is a pair of black pants, topped with an RED shirt. The shirt shall be either short or long sleeve. The approved club colors are to be attached to the back of a cloth or leather vest. The approved club colors is either the embroidered Logo, the large patch with the logo.

Optional dress shall include a vest with club colors over a red or yellow shirt.

A dress uniform style, as stipulated by members, may be worn when dress-judging events are held.


History of Our Club

The NASTY DOGGS SPORTBIKE CLUB was founded in March of 2002


PRESIDENT: Michael Coleman

VICE PRESIDENT: Lucien watts

SARGEANT AT ARMS: Gilverto Williams

TREASURER: Ken Knuckles

Road capt.: Marshal Dabney

P.R.O.: Travis Haygood